What is orgasm?

We commonly refer to climax as orgasm. I would like to invite you to a conversation that changes that perception.

Climax is an evolutionary biological response to assist procreation. Usually our sexual encounter is driven to achieve this peak and it’s over once there.

Here, we are going to explore, develop and show you some simple, accessible tools how to maintain lifelong practices that will produce several types of pleasurable expansion and flow referred to, as orgasm.

Whatever will be presented here, keep in mind that ultimately you are the expert on what feels good for you depending on each moment. My intention is to shed the light on all the confusing information that we receive about our sexuality and offer you some clarity and tools, to give and receive exquisite orgasmic pleasure that will transform how you feel about yourself, the opposite sex, the world around you.

Please don’t dismiss this just because you are single at the moment, as this knowledge will assist you to come into a desired relationship!

Here is a website that was created to define what orgasm is, feel free to add your definition at www.orgasmis.com



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