Some Women Are Wired More For Vaginal Orgasms Than Others And Vice Versa

Some Women Are Wired More For Vaginal Orgasms Than Others And Vice Versa

News Flash: There’s growing evidence that some women are neurally wired more for vaginal orgasms, others more for clitoral orgasms. As well, some women have more orgasmic sensation than others in their perineal area which is between the walls of the rectum and vagina.

If you’ve ever wondered why the same technique gets different results on a variety of your lovers, now you know one factor. The nerve wiring on women is as unique as a snowflake. These physical variations of the pelvic nerve vary widely from woman to woman, unlike men whose dorsal penile nerve is more similar.
The most fascinating section of talks about how nerve compression from a back injury led her to seek medical help. She had been orgasmically active her whole adult life and found that her orgasms continued to evolve and get even more sensational. But her joy from sex, the creative energy and sense of vitality after sex began to diminish when her spinal problem became worse.

She sought a gynecologist with a speciality in pelvic nerve disorders, such as vulvodynia. She had back surgery and lucky for her, her emotional happiness from intercourse returned because the nerve pathway from her pudendal nerve to her brain was no longer being blocked.

Pudendal Nerve Damage Can Cause Loss of Genital Sensation and Emotion

Female Pudendal Nerve

The key take away from this news is that you may have untapped areas of your genitalia that could be providing the most wonderful sensations for you based on how you are wired. If you struggle to have one kind of orgasm or another, take heart. It may be your wiring!

That being said, it’s extremely important to become fully engorged before having sex. It’s easy to tell when a man is engorged, because his penis is erect. A woman’s erectile tissue is throughout her genitals. To focus only on her clitoris is to leave 99% of her sensation and orgasmic potential untapped. Make sure her vulva is puffy and fully engorged for maximum pleasure and sensation. She has erectile tissue throughout her vestibular bulbs, inner and out labia, mons venus and up inside where her perineal sponge and urethral sponges are located. Stroke all over, including the insides of her thighs, her belly and her sweet little cheeks and the more fluffy and puffy you make it, the more pleasure she’ll likely feel. Even her clitoris can become erect as it’s a shaft, like the shaft of a man’s penis in miniature.

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