The orgasm gap


Men’s hardware isn’t all that hard to operate. Most healthy males have easy access to all the climax they could want. They don’t even need a partner. That may not be all that gratifying though — there’s a feeling that something’s missing.
Women’s machinery is a little trickier. They have no problem finding a willing partner, but obviously that alone isn’t necessarily sufficient. They can end up producing more sensation in their partner’s body than they feel in their own. And that, while enjoyable, isn’t enough.
This can be seen in everything from the so-called “orgasm gap” between men and women, to the predominance of women in the sex trade, to the fact that women are more likely to moan during their partner’s orgasm (to accelerate and enhance it) than during their own.
MEANWHILE… when we look at how men and women turn to technology, we see women being the primary consumer for vibrators, and men being the primary consumer for porn.
In other words women are getting their vitally important missing ingredient from focused genital stimulation… and men are getting theirs from exposure to other aroused human beings.
So while men have easy access to direct orgasm, their missing ingredient, the thing they deeply crave, is empathetic orgasm.
And women have abundant access to empathetic orgasm (and often default to that), but what their bodies deeply crave is the direct experience of orgasm.


by Ken Blackman

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