Intro to Orgasmic Mastery

Intro to Orgasmic Mastery

Join the lovely, Julia Kovacs at this informative event and learn about your sexuality and the secrets of Orgasmic Mastery. Sexual health is a vital part of our overall all wellness and something so many of us where taught not to explore or perhaps hide or even been scared of. Or for many of us it’s simply taking our active and latent sexual energy and our understanding of it…exploring it, expanding it, harnessing…using it to create, break free and really step into ourselves in a new way and our partnerships.
Did you know up to 60% of women have never experienced an orgasm. What’s going on? Where’s the disconnect? This informative offering will provide vital information to both men and women on this topic and offer a platform for healing and self discovery for singles and couples alike.

This event may be for you if you resonate if any of the following senarios:

• Your feeling sexually stuck or in a rut

• You feel you could be more sexually satisfied or ready to take a relationship to a new level

• You’d like to have better, longer or even full body orgasms or you’d like to help your partner achieve them.
• Your in between relationships and are ready to attract a new high quality relationship into your life
• Your ready to use your sexual energy as a power source and explore their re-energizing power
• Your want a deeper more meaningful connection with your partner and a deeper understanding of yourself

• You are an aware and awakened being looking to create more self awareness through mindful and transformative sexual practices

• Your already awesome in every way and this just sounds fun!
This amazing event is by donation, please see minimum donations requested below for single men and couples. Single women are asked to give as their heart guides them to with no minimum.
The event will begin with an informative talk on orgasmic mastery followed by the teaching and live demonstration of a powerful technique that will change your life. There will opportunity for practice and direction from experienced and professional coaches trained extensively in this technique.
The minimum cash donations below were set with the loving intention of giving back to those who are volunteering their time to make this event happen.

Couples: $40

Single Men: $40

Single Women: No min

If you are staying for the optional demonstration and instruction portion of the evening please bring with you 2-3 pillows and a yoga mat or blanket you can lay on.

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