Orgasm is different than what we’ve been taught.

What is Orgasm?
Science shows Orgasm is a vital nutrient to the body. It activates the parasymapthetic and the sympathetic nervous systems, simultaneously. As a result, Orgasm increases oxytocin, regulates cortisol, decreases belly fat, and reduces depression.

More significantly, Orgasm acts as a sustainable agent igniting a section of the brain giving you the ability to feel human connection in a direct manner. This is a full third of the brain that allows you to feel visceral sensation in your body and tune in to the feeling states of the people around you.

Why Orgasm?
Orgasm has the same fundamental goal as the internet — human to human connection. Orgasm will do for physical connection what the internet has done for us in terms of virtual connection.

Orgasm creates a high speed, limbic network enabling human connection in an instantaneous manner. Life with Orgasm: The fastest technology to date.

Coming to one’s own power in orgasm is a matter of moments upon moments. Like  building to create a solid foundation where you feel a kind of gravity in an otherwise groundless world. You have the security of knowing your own response. And there remain those moments when you can see the possibility of a better, a deeper, a fuller response and you simply don’t have access. And those become the work of a lifetime. Micro adjustments.

Nicole Daedone

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