The Healing Power of Tantra

The Healing Power of Tantra

Join me, Marc Caron, for an introductory evening of Tantra teachings and learn how Tantra can have a positive result in your life in areas such as health, relationships, sex and healing.

We will explore:

·  What is Tantra?

·  Different schools and teachings

·  Tantra for healing

·  Non-sexual vs sexual Tantra

·  Practical tools and exercises you can use immediately

Come, discover how ancient techniques where you can quickly begin to transform your love and sex life and have the relationships you’ve always knew were possible.
If you’re relationship is already on cloud 9, this is a great way to learn new techniques to further enhance what you already have!
Marc will take you through some simple breathing techniques, combined with basic guidance on how to transform your life with the healing pleasure of the full body, yoni and lingham massage, assisting in creating deeper connections (and orgasms) for both. (There will be no nudity or sexual touch, just demo!)

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