Obstructions create safety

Obstructions create safety.

Once we remove the obstructions from our minds that were imprinted by experience that the world is not safe to be who we are then we are open channels to the flow that is governing everything in  nature according to a very precise and exact geometry.

Once we tune into the rhythm of our heart beat and breath, we get aligned in this geometry.  Learning to distinguish from the noise in our head, the sweet, trembling quiet voice of our soul is the first task, then we need to listen to.the message and weigh the answer.

Does it feel light or does it leave is nervous or heavy? Clearly the answer we can feel good about is the right action to take.

Remember when you were in class and you knew the answers, but doubted yourself and were too shy to put your hand up? Always admired those kids who did? They did it because they were missing the voice in their head that said: you can’t do it.

Fear is a learnt behaviour.

A baby doesn’t understand fear only responds to soothing catetaking of his or her physical, psychological¬† and emotional needs. If that is met; you have a happy baby who grows up confident in listening to his/her voice.
If we learn to fear to speak up, we learn that the world is full of danger, so we shut out, silence or ignore the quiet voice and we listen to the loud one, which is always of the ego trying to assert itself to feel better, bigger, more than the next person.

Mastering the art of listening to the quiet voice removing obstructions that stand in the way of our speaking and living our truths might feel unsafe, but it is ultimately the only way we will ever get closer to know how truly magnificent is our design. We are programmed to thrive in joy.

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