Unconditional Love

If I love you unconditionally and you have been abused or somehow felt that there is something wrong with you then you can accept yourself and you don’t think you deserve that unconditional love because you always think that they will find out your shortcomings and your unworthiness and they will leave you anyways, so you don’t trust their love to be honest, you reject it, or sabotage it. You will mistrust it and push them away as it doesn’t feel safe.

Whereas if you have an intact self esteem and healthy understanding of your worth and accept yourself with your quirks and you are your own best friend and have compassion for your story that only you know fully. We are always innocent in our own eyes.  Even a mass murderer is until he feels empathy and understands that he acted out of deep hurt and fear in order to feel powerful and in control if his life to balance the feeling if being our of control and helplessness as a child.

We will always remain someone else’s child on this Earth because we come from a womb.
As we take more responsibility in understanding and mastering our emotions, learning how to use this energy system accurately and precisely through communicating with your higher source through your intuition, we are able to decode messages from the ancient wisdom traditions and mystics which is a  download if  the directory to the world that all of our hearts know is possible through love.

No more suffering.

Equality, peace and love to all.  Wht the fuck not, everything else was tried and left us in a mess.
Give peace a chance!

We don’t have another Earth once we destroy this one.
Peace is within us!

Relax, refresh, discover the balancing rhythm of your source, ride that wave.

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