Power Games

The only way anyone can “gain” power by either tapping into our own channel to connect to source or by draining it from others.

We do that because  at one point power was taken away or leached from us via negative forces through control or subjugation.

Consciously/subconsciously or unconsciously it’s  realized how perfectly balanced a human baby can be with the perfect alkalinity, purity, innocence and balance and those who lack or lost those qualities  take advantage  of the child’s  extreme vulnerability and take their innocence, overshadowing their own by projecting their own beliefs they formed about the safety of the world because at one point they were hurt themselves.

There has been unspeakable  pain afflicted on humans throughout existence. Everyone has been traumatized directly ot indirectly by wars of the previous generations and we are in a phase of recovery and healing from the afflictions.
Only just now since this milleneum have seen youth who has been nurtured and raised in consciously loving environment where patents have not been acting out their dysfunctions or wounds  and we are able to observe how much such human who has been loved, nurtured and not abused can bring beauty, joy and healing  into the world.
Those who are still operating from wounded egos are operating on the false belief that the power they gain by subjecting others to the idea that they are less than others need to be healed from this delusion.

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