Julia is a globetrotting multi-lingual renaissance woman who was born in Hungary and is now living in Vancouver, Canada. She has tried on many identities typical of our transitional times, as we have more choices than ever as a woman, from being the immigrant, the international student, career woman, wife, single mother,  embarking in her 50’s to be an entrepreneur to reinvent herself  and find her own purpose beyond those labels.

When you meet Julia, the first thing you’ll notice is her fiery wild red hair, and energetic personality. Often the spark plug that ignites a thought provoking dialogue, she has shown people a more exciting lifestyle, or philosophy.

Her knowledge and embodied experience makes her the perfect adventure guide, who is known for introducing new and exciting experiences to others for over 25 years. As a lifetime practitioner of yoga, and mindful practices, she brings calm and balance into the energetic bodywork healing service that she offers. These services help individuals to overcome their psychological, emotional and physical blockages related to their sensuality and sexuality, leading them to bliss and confidence.