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” I am reallllly enjoying your posts and informative on your page. It’s been enlightening for me and I’m learning a lot. Thanks for adding me. Hugs ”
Corina Mertz Hemming

Hi Julia,

Thank you for accepting my fb friends request. I joined the “Come to your senses” fb group because 9 of my fb friends, that I respect deeply, are members. Some are mutual fb friends of ours. I have learned sooooooo much from the postings in the group you Admin. You are making quite a difference in the world, in an unique and remotely healing way. Thank you for your work.


David, one of the “Come to your senses” community.

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This is a community of evolved and awakened women meeting bi-weekly who are searching to make sense of their relationship to themselves to others and the world around them. We are honoring a centuries-long tradition of Women circles to connect and listen to our hearts’ truth/inner guidance, experience being seen/heard in a safe and confidential setting to strengthen our ability to ground ourselves and connect with our peaceful presence by balance your mental/emotional/physical and spiritual self and share and learn about our powerful sexual selves.     

“Julia is a professional who has a ton of knowledge about sexuality and allows herself to be guided by her intuition.  I’ve experienced Julia as she guided a group of women and men through sensual exploration exercises, and she deftly knew when to turn up the sexy heat and when to slow down and check in with participants.  It’s refreshing that she’s willing to tackle taboo subjects openly with boundless enthusiasm.  I’ve truly never meet anyone as eager to share the truth about the power of orgasm!!  She’s a leader with a keen mind for knowledge and a caring heart.”

Sheryl  Watson