Contact me for in-person bodywork session

Each session is tailored to your individual needs and comfort level honouring the entire body.
The sound healing/ Inner dance modality and energy touch/massage is  available for groups and individuals. See the post “Sound healing” for more information.
Please call for a free 30 min consultation.
We build up a lot of tension in our tissues and some areas never get touched not even by our lovers. It can be a deeply relaxing, rejuvenating, healing and a transformative experience. It can include deep tissue massage, sensual caresses head to toe, sensation play, body glides with arm and torso combined with tantric breathing practices. Depending on your needs and goals for women it can include a healing yoni massage and for men a healing prostrate massage.
There are lots of blocks and enormous amount of trauma can be stored in areas of our body that we avoid touching. This is an opportunity to release those blocks to your bliss and reinstate our body to its natural innocence which is our original state. From here we can feel free to create the life we want free from the past conditioning.
Sound healing/Inner dance 1.5 hours $100
Sensual tantric massage 1.5 hours $200
Sensual tantric massage 2 hours $300
For yoni healing and prostrate healing touch add an additional 30minutes $150

Bodywork massage


No libido? Feeling no pleasure? Withdrawing from intimacy?
Try pleasure coaching~ It always starts with a conversation.

I can meet your needs in a variety of ways depending on your comfort level. On the phone/skype or in person, we take some time to discover if it’s the right fit for us to work together.

First consultation 30 mins free of charge. 

Many people have been touched inappropriately or without their consent, leading to “numbness” which is a hindrance to sensuality and intimacy. In my bodywork session, we take the time to RESET our associations of different body parts or natural body urges. This is to shift these thoughts towards embracing healing associations, while disconnecting from any feelings of shame and disgust. By focusing on the touch only, it bypasses the thinking brain and engages the limbic brain (animal instinctual brain) in a safe and warm environment. We go as quickly or as slowly as the client’s comfort level, along with breathing to providing grounding and anchoring of the healing modality. Many clients have benefited tremendously, getting rid of old sexual hangups, and becoming free to explore their own body and sexuality.

Private session for individuals and couples              

There are very few times and places in our lives where we can truly be ourselves without any fear of judgment, agendas, or consequences. None of us are taught how to make love, so we will discover the areas that might be blocked, and where you would like to gain more mastery.

The session includes a variety of modalities to relax and calm down the mind, leave the stress of the world behind. By focusing entirely on you, I connect to who you are, how you feel in your body, and finding/releasing your blocks to bliss.

We decide together depending on how comfortable you are, what is needed at this moment in your life. It can be a conversation, or series of sessions about incorporating new techniques into your lovemaking and communication.

The session can include a full body massage, conversation, light bodywork, breath work, and binaural sounds to stimulate various senses, and energy centres in the body opening yourself up to healing.

I teach couples love-making and how to connect with one another in a deep meaningful so they may re-ignite their sex life.

Single women to cleanse, clear and clean their body/mind and soul from past trauma and conditioning and practice self-loving pleasuring. This allows one to gain understanding of their own desires, and learn how to communicate that effectively.

For men its bodywork and removing stress and reset their approach to work, tapping into their creativity, new approach to sex and learn how to master the sexual energy, including learning the art of seminal retention.