“When I try to synthesize the Julia experience in the complexity of all her jewel like facets one idea takes the forefront “engagement” when I experience Julia I will be actively engaged mentally, spiritually and physically. Julia’s enthusiasm for the “journey” is infectious and expansive and words do not fail her in multiple languages! Some times the energy and passions excited by the possibilities of where her search takes her can be overwhelming. Julia is capable of channeling that and apply it in very holistic and healing physical expression thru massage and or more  sophisticated tantric based practices. Julia radiates in the positive. But has the power of Kali Ma if challenged. Her worldliness and understanding of human nature is astute and keenly perceptive,  in my personal affairs I always value her opinion and motives. I could delve more deeply into her sensuality and charisma which I cherish deeply, her commitment and presence!”
~John Novak

“I felt at ease, I was happy with the amount of time you spent on each body part. The experience was very professional executed with music and ambiance and smells and warmth. I loved the leg work, as most focus on back and upper body more. Professional, calming, caring, affirming.Healing touch.  Loved it.”

~Brenda Alexander Christianson

“You have passion, vision and determination. You are not a quitter.
You are a giving person with integrity.
A strong  powerful leader who can lead.”
~Gerald Sze

“I contacted Julia to give me coaching in several areas but mainly work/life balance and my spiritual and sexual life. She has been amazing! Lots of information, connections, ideas and helpful suggestions. What I have learned so far has enriched my life and my sexual connection with myself and others. And the work we are doing continues!”

“Julia is a professional who has a ton of knowledge about sexuality and allows herself to be guided by her intuition.  I’ve experienced Julia as she guided a group of women and men through sensual exploration exercises, and she deftly knew when to turn up the sexy heat and when to slow down and check in with participants.  It’s refreshing that she’s willing to tackle taboo subjects openly with boundless enthusiasm.  I’ve truly never meet anyone as eager to share the truth about the power of orgasm!!  She’s a leader with a keen mind for knowledge and a caring heart.”
~Sheryl Watson

“Since I know her so well, my first impressions of her when I met her and didn’t yet know her are what come to mind. She presented as a self-confident woman who was comfortable with her sexuality and able to verbally express herself in way that was humourous, intelligent and engaging. Not everyone can do this. She is a quick study and easily assumes the center of attention meaning that she is capable of leading others. So it was a surprise when I got to know her better and found that there were many situations particularly with men where she exhibited low self-esteem and was frankly walked all over by them. Since I’ve known her I have really seen her improve her boundaries and in knowing herself better, narrowing that gap where she is taken advantage of. Especially, as she develops her online/sexual/public identity persona I see her more and more realizing she is in a place to pick and choose. To my mind when she does this – clearly identifies the boundaries between herself and others, where she ends and they begin – she really does become the person I first encountered when I met her as I described at the beginning of the paragraph. She comes to authentically inhabit her own skin.”
~M. S.

“Julia is a Very bright, very aware woman. She has an intense urge to save the world.  Growing up in a Communist country and going to Italy for the first time as a teenager gave her an opportunity to see two very different worlds.
Julia, I feel, carries that pattern into her present day life.  She sees simultaneously the extremely good or extremely bad.  In addition she is very influenced by weather and nature.  She has a hard time realizing how exceptionally competent she is. She raised two  amazing children with no financial assistance from their father.
She works a few weeks a year taking individuals to some of the most beautiful places on the planet.  This allows her to live the lifestyle of her choosing and she chose to educate and inspire humans about enlightened sexuality, in one of the most beautiful and expensive cities in the world. And she gives herself no credit for this amazing accomplishment and how financially capable she is.  She is one of the most unique and amazing person I have ever met and I am blessed to have her as a friend.”
~Ed Bassett

“Omg.. Manifested! ! Thank you thank you my deepest gratitude to you Julia. It was absolutely amazing. I felt parts of my body I didn’t know was there. I feel open. The dearmoring technique I think contributed to this . may the universe shower you with Abundance in return for helping take care of me after doing its work. My head Chakra loved being loved. it’s such an important part of my being when meditating at times. .its how I open up for light to enter my being. So I’ve asked my angels/universe to take care of you in return for taking care of us. Sending you blessings and light. 🙏🙏🙏”

~Francesca Murray

“Your beingness, honesty and unveiled exposure has a sincere bold honest vulnerable authenticity which impacts me to my core. The medicine wheel comes to mind where grandmother earth and grandfather sky collide.
The union of the generous and epic forces fertilize the soil offer new life And give away offering . ”
~Jennifer Leigh